Hanging Racks
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Hanging Racks


For an innovative way to display art, consider our contemporary and stylish hanging racks.

We can custom design the system to suit your home, office or public space. Available in powdercoat finishes it provides hard wearing durable surface that has maximum hanging capacity on any wall.

We welcome you to contact Art Storage Solutions on (03) 9303 5999 to find out more about our storage systems.

Customised Quality Hanging Racks

Our range can be custom designed to allow space for very small to large pieces of artwork. And its unique construction ensures your artwork is unharmed from external factors. Our quality hanging racks have a flexible approach and can be used in different areas in distinctive ways.

Some Highlighted Features:

It has a robust and stable construction

Helps in Increasing storage space

Is competitively priced

Is ISO 9001 quality certified

Delivered and installed Australia wide

Using hanging racks is one of the most efficient ways of storing and keeping your artwork organised, as well as managing space and saving on maintenance costs.

We also manufacture a wide range of pull out rack system that provides maximum storage capacity within small spaces.

For any enquiries about our products or for storage advice, contact Commando Storage Systems on (03) 9303 5999 or enquire online.